"You hit it yourself, no wonder I did." Teleportation usually flashes out, avoiding the brains of Jiugong Great God. Jiuzhong is an innocent Tantan hand, indicating that he is unintentional.

"This guy … has no intention of letting these two goods go!" See nine heavy biting ruthless moves, the soldier king of the sky city position shook his head and wry smile way.
"If someone wants to kill your woman, will you let them go? !” Big fiend asked.
"Of course, it is impossible to let go!" The soldier king’s expression suddenly became fierce. "Dare to touch my woman, this hatred will last forever!"
The earth’s federal position, commanding the Second Division, spread out the divine power, and perceived that the nine-fold handshaking was like slaughtering pigs and dogs, killing Yan Nanfei and Jiugong Great God, two top era divine powers, mercilessly, only feeling cold and cold behind the neck.
"Are you Robert?" Robert was wiping a cold sweat while calling for Troy, who had been blasted into the ground by Nine Heavens. Suddenly, a voice that sounded like a nightmare to him sounded behind him.
"Nine … nine heavy!" Don’t look back, Troy can also perceive who is standing behind him at this time. Robert also dare not look back, fearing that his heart is not good and he will be scared to death directly, warbling, "What do you want? ! Don’t you dare touch me, my son Troy will come after you! Just now, people in the city of the sky overreached and wanted to be bad for me. As a result, you should have seen their miserable appearance! "
"Well, since you put it that way, I won’t fight you." Jiuzhong seems to be really fooled by Robert’s words.
"Hum, you are smart!"
"But …!" Jiuzhong suddenly changed the subject and smiled a little sinister. "I won’t shoot you, but I believe someone will be happy to shoot you!"
"You … you … don’t! Ah-!" Robert’s words turned into screams in the middle, and people had been kicked out like a ball by Jiuzhong, whistling across the sky, and finally impartial, just fell in front of the soldier king.
It stands to reason that Robert, a fragile old man, was kicked by a nine-fold kick and fell from such a high altitude. Even if he didn’t die, he would fall into a comminuted fracture, but Robert was not hurt at all, and he was completely innocent.
"This control of power … has gone to the realm of superb and wonderful!" Seeing Robert flying from miles away, he didn’t even scratch the skin, and the big fiend sincerely admired Jiuchong in his heart.
Robert!’ Seeing Robert, who usually appeared in front of him, the soldier king couldn’t help but be stupefied and didn’t react at the moment.
"Bing Wang, pacifism, I heard that you have a problem with this old son, and now I will hand him over to you." Jiuzhong’s voice came from a distance. "You’re welcome. Although there is revenge for injustice, I’ll wipe your ass."
"Ha-ha, thanks a lot!" Pacifism beamed at the news.
And the soldier king is already eyeing Robert with a grimace of a grin, and the "Kaka" in his hands keeps ringing. "Good and evil will be rewarded in the end, and God has never spared anyone! Robert, your end is here! "
"Robert, today is the anniversary of your death next year!" Pacifism is also a way of gnashing your teeth.
The next moment, pacifism and the soldier king swarmed together, the divine power was running, and the fists and feet were added together. Around Robert, it was a violent and bloody scene, which was simply outrageous and terrible.
"Ah …!" Robert only let out a scream and came to an abrupt end. He was completely silent and had been smashed into a pool by pacifism and soldiers.
"Troy, your father has returned to his place. Do you still want to stay in the ground?" Nine heavy didn’t pay much attention to Robert’s situation. After throwing him to the king of soldiers and others, people appeared next to the pit where Troy was trapped. The probe looked into the bottomless pit and cold track.
"ah! !” A wild animal’s roar came from the pit, and the ground suddenly shook. Centered on the pit, a Milky Way light beam with a diameter of more than 10 meters broke through the ground, rushing up into the sky, and trapped Jiuchong in it. "Jiuchong, I want you to die! !”
Among the pillars of the Milky Way, countless balls of vanity are condensed. When Jiuchong is trapped and his body is in a good shape, he is crazy and goes to him. In the blink of an eye, Jiuchong has been wrapped up.
"Go to hell!" As Troy’s cold and heartless voice sounded, the void ball covering Jiuzhong’s whole body crashed and burst, causing a huge explosion in conan the destroyer, and Jiuzhong’s figure was completely overwhelmed by the crazy force of vanity.
The earth-shattering serial explosion lasted for more than a minute, and after the power reached its peak, it finally disappeared slowly. After a while, the hubbub dispersed and the line of sight in the field returned to normal.
The pit that Troy smashed out before has disappeared, and it has been replaced by a huge pit, which is getting deeper and deeper and looks shocking.
"Ha ha ha ha, Jiuzhong, no matter how powerful you are, you will still be unable to turn out my palm and die in my hands!" At the edge of the pit, Troy’s figure stood in the air, and his eyes swept the pit in front of him. He didn’t find even a hair on his head. It can be seen that Jiuzhong has been completely wiped out by his long-awaited killing, and he disappeared, and he couldn’t help laughing.
All the people in the city of the sky, although they know that Jiuchong should not be so easy to hang up, still can’t help but sink in their hearts. After all, this pit created by the Trojan attack looks really scary.
"Troy, do you really think this kind of attack can threaten me now?"
Chapter eight hundred and thirty-five Thank you
The space in the pit suddenly collapsed, and the figure of Jiuzhong reappeared in front of people. He looked at Troy who was laughing wildly there with great interest, shook his head and sighed, "You underestimate me!"
"This guy is really, you can’t help but make people so nervous!" See nine heavy intact reappear, all the people in the city of the sky breathed a sigh of relief, helpless way.
"… I didn’t expect you to become so strong!" Troy stopped laughing, looked at Jiuchong, silently felt Qi, judged Jiuchong’s strength, his eyelids jumped straight, and a trace of regret appeared on his face. He should have strangled Jiuchong in the cradle before he fully grew up, and now it has finally become a great disaster.
"Thank you so much!" Jiuchong tone is a sincere way. He can have the power now, really thanks to Troy.
"… thank me? !” Troy’s eyes flashed slightly, his expression was puzzled, and he led Jiuzhong to go on. In secret, he tried his best to run the power of vanity, restore the loss of divine power, and try to repair his own divine vision, the Star River Emperor, as much as possible.
"Of course." Nine heavy doesn’t seem to have found this, unhurried explained, "I have two kinds of power, one is the supreme dragon Gang in my own practice in reality, and the other is the era divine power-Long Mai divine power obtained from the ceremony of descending God. I have to say, as far as the era divine power is concerned, my Long Mai divine power is worse than your vanity divine power after all. There is no hope that I can beat you by the era divine power alone, but fortunately, I still have the family martial arts supreme Dragon Gang.
Of course, if these two forces are simply superimposed, although they have complementary effects and can raise my strength to a higher level, they are still not enough to surpass you. Therefore, I need to go further and combine these two forces into one strength, so that my strength can be further improved and I can hope to surpass you.
At the beginning of the war, I delayed coming out to meet you for the first time, so that the people in Sky City could delay as much as possible. Then I was forced to go to war and still tried my best to delay, because I had not completely integrated the two forces into one, and it took time. Finally, everything comes to him who waits. Before I officially went to war with you, I successfully merged the two forces into one.
I just didn’t expect that your strength is too strong. After I successfully integrated the two forces, I found that there is still a big gap between my strength and yours. Therefore, I can’t help it. If I want to win you, I must improve my strength again.
Fortunately, after the integration of Long Mai’s divine power, my supreme Dragon Gang still has not reached the perfect extreme peak, and there is still room for further improvement.
It’s just that at that time, my accumulation was exhausted, and I wanted to break through the limit, go further and take the normal practice path, which was not achieved in a short time at all. At least it took decades of penance to make a breakthrough.
Decades, obviously you can’t give me such a long time. By that time, the cucumber vegetables will be cold.
There is no way, I can only take a chance and use your strength to force myself to make another breakthrough in order to reach the highest state of the supreme dragon gang-Zijin dragon emperor!