Put on your combat boots. Yip Han immediately replenished his gun. Even if he was dead, the enemy could not escape the gun.

In the process of mending the gun, he carefully identified the identity of the body. Actually, the second and third commanders of the Wolf BOSS were found in the brown SUV, but they failed to escape.
In addition, he saw a small caliber pistol beside a body and dug out two real magazines from the body.
This is really a surprise, even if the small caliber pistol magazine can’t fit into it, the micro pistol can play it all.
After confirming the results, Ye Han ran to the street building and hit the solo platform. "Wolf’s nest, wolf’s nest, lone wolf call, please answer when you hear it!"
"Wolf’s den, please speak!"
"The lone wolf reported successfully killing the target!"
"So soon? How did you do that? "
"Halfway interception"
"What’s the cut? Tell me in detail! "
"Tell me a fart in detail until I find a place to hide!" Yip hon nu way
By this time, he had run into the side roadway and looked back warily at the sight of no one, only to quietly breathe a sigh of relief and twist a head into the roadway.
Although the target was intercepted for a short time, the wolf gang occupied little territory. If it wasn’t for the fierce fighting gun of the gang, it covered up the interception gun, and I was afraid that he would have been swarmed by the wolf gang members to make dumplings.
But the crisis is not over yet. After all, this is the boundary of the wolf gang. We must leave the road as soon as possible and find a hidden place to hide!
Most of the occupied areas are located in the prosperous area of Linyi, and the buildings facing the street are either shopping malls or storefronts, and no suitable places can be found.
However, to cross the roadway, there are old residential buildings everywhere, and even you can see several dilapidated and almost crumbling old tube buildings.
I’m afraid these towers are older than Yip Han’s parents.
At this time, I can’t consider what to do. An open unit door on the side of the road rushed in a few steps.
Old stairs are damp and dark, steep and narrow stairs are full of irrelevant things, and there is a smell of rat shit everywhere, and it seems that rats can be heard squeaking.
Yip hon, depending on all the fastest speed, climbed to the top floor until he found a corner to sit down.
I didn’t feel very nervous just now, but when I stopped, I was tired, hungry and afraid. Ye Hanyi found that I didn’t know when my trouser leg was torn and I could feel the pain in my leg and stomach.
He rolled up his trouser legs and saw his calf draw a three-centimeter-long bloody mouth, but he couldn’t remember when he was injured.
What a fucking dog!
"Wolf den Wolf den lone wolf calling!" Yip hon sound narrow corridor is not obvious.
"Wolf’s den, go ahead."
"I am not in a good situation now. When will I withdraw?"
"Right now"
"Send a plane to pick me up?"
"For the time being, it is impossible for the gangs in the occupied areas to fight. Now send planes there. They must cease fire."
Ye Han sighed, "Don’t say it or let me rely on myself, right?"
"Then don’t you insist on it for a while. Our troops are ready to start. When they come to an end, the troops will enter the enemy-occupied area!"
Chapter 241 To make an example of others
Communication stopped Yip Han took a long breath and pulled his trouser legs to see the wound. He took out his first-aid kit and cleaned the wound. Then he stuck a large band-aid on it, even if the wound was disposed of.
According to the statistics of the number of scratches and abrasions by the temporary method, there is no condition to deal with it by itself, so we can put it aside first.
However, it was early six o’clock in the morning. Not long ago, the fighting continued, although it was not long and exhausting. At this time, Yip Han suddenly felt extremely hungry. Fortunately, the compressed biscuits were always carried around like the first aid kit and were not stuffed into the reloading backpack.
He took out the compressed biscuit and was startled to find that the compressed biscuit was hit by a bullet, and the remaining half of the biscuit was still intact. The remaining half had become fragments and slag, and many fragments had lost almost one third from the bullet hole in the puncture pocket!
Ye Hangen couldn’t remember when the compressed biscuit was shot, and he didn’t bother to ponder over it. He took out a handful of biscuit powder and carefully picked out the thread in the biscuit residue. Only then did he pinch it a little and put it in his mouth. Suddenly, a sweet smell spread on the tip of his tongue, which was a delicious meal. At this moment, it would not be better than this biscuit.
To tell the truth, compressed biscuits are dry and hard, and they are no better than stones. Biting your teeth will make your teeth ache. For this unlucky guy who just broke his front teeth not long ago, it is very torture to directly chew compressed biscuits.
But eating residue directly is different, which can save the process of gnawing a piece of biscuit, but also save the process of gnawing dry biscuit residue into your mouth and immediately absorbing all the saliva nearby. The hard residue is slowly softened by saliva and becomes a little sticky on the tip of your tongue. Until then, Yip Han slowly swallowed the biscuit paste.
No water can spit and gelatinize compressed biscuits. Ye Han can’t help regretting why he didn’t bring a kettle yesterday. Even a pot of cold water is much faster than soaking biscuits with saliva all the time.
Being behind enemy lines, An Yehan still has a strong sense of crisis in his heart, so he doesn’t care what it is, but he cares about the speed of eating. But compressed biscuits are not a kind of food that can be swallowed quickly. If he really puts a large piece of compressed biscuits into his mouth, his mouth will instantly absorb all his saliva.
At the end of the day, he must either wait to re-secrete saliva to soak the cake in his mouth or spit out what he has eaten in his mouth without forcibly swallowing it.
Yip hon still likes to throw compressed biscuits into the water and cook them into a paste before eating them. Although the taste is very general, it is good to have a hot meal in the field.
It took him more than an hour to eat up the compressed cake, and then it was a long and painful wait
I don’t know how long it took before the guns outside the building became sparse. Yip hon took one look, but it was only half an hour earlier.
The exchange of fire between the two gangs can last for more than two hours, which is somewhat unexpected to Yip Han.
However, after five minutes, the guns were abrupt and dense, and from time to time, you could still hear the dull explosion.
Yip hon spirit a flap secretly thought it must be the military!
The situation is exactly as Ye Han thought. As the two sides of the conflict are about to cease fire, they are already ready to go at the critical moment, and the army suddenly rushes into the occupied area from the direction of Fenglu Gang.
The exchange of fire between the two sides of the conflict covered up the military action, and a large number of armored vehicles were thunderous and offensive. After three minutes, they took control of the main streets of the Fenglu Gang site and continued to rush around on this basis.
Then he attacked the troops in the occupied area, and the armored forces intervened in the battle. However, the first stage of the plan that the main street base in the occupied area was controlled by the military was successfully completed in 12 minutes.
The military attack was not smooth sailing, but it was also strongly resisted by gangs. However, the gangs dared to resist in front of the iron flow, and all the mantis were crushed to death on the spot.
The troops attacking the enemy-occupied areas are all from the military and have already been transferred to the armored gangs near Linyi. The only weapon that can fight armored vehicles is rockets, which are not only small in number but also scattered in the hands of various gangs. If there is a real commander in chief in the enemy-occupied areas, he is afraid that he will give up his arms and surrender before the disparity in strength, but how many visionary talents can the gangs find? Even if someone speaks, they have to take care of it.
However, there is no shortage of brains and strings in the gang. Many gang members foolishly jumped out of the bunker with rockets and heroically fired rockets at the torrent of steel.
But the old rockets can’t penetrate the new tank armor. Although there is a certain threat to armored vehicles, the infantry who accompany the armored forces are not vegetarian.
As a result, gangs are often knocked down by a random gun as soon as they stir up, and they are directly bombarded by gunfire, leaving no room for a larger corpse.
It is possible to successfully launch rockets only by hiding in buildings.