Although there is no stipulation, Mishima has long had a tacit understanding, and new forces will intervene if they have the opportunity to threaten the three islands. There are three major forces overseas and there is no need for a fourth one.

Wentao did not directly refuse or immediately agree.
"This is a fight with the Kunlun Sect and the San Xian Valley. It is likely to be gone forever. What will you do if you give me all the people?"
"Hey, this is simple." I didn’t hesitate to feel bad at all. "I’ll leave some of the core numbers that can maintain my strength to you, and most of the others will be given to you. Anyway, I’m going to build a new body, and many guys are also in the way, otherwise the new system will definitely be opposed by them first, so I’ll leave these troubles to my little brother. What can you do to save them from bothering me?"
I talked about Haiming and understood the situation. I was worried, "If you have obvious problems in your previous development direction, those people will not listen to it. If you give it to Dr. Wen, I believe Dr. Wen has a way to control them, but the question is, will they agree to follow?"
According to the old saying, now his influence department has actually formed several forces, and they have twisted into one strength to compete with him.
The old man is not known for his overwhelming power, and Wentao has come up with a solution to this problem. However, if you want these people to give it to Wentao now, I am afraid there is no time to regain control of them.
"Not obedient …" Old face shows murderous look. "Then they are looking for death."
Lai Wentao is still hesitant. This will be a prehistoric collision. If you keep giving people to yourself, I’m afraid most of them won’t come back.
But now, when I heard Wentao, I decided to leave it to the old place to influence his new plan, so it would be better to help him solve this trouble by myself.
In this way, there are peripheral forces on our side that can make people in Shuxin clinic take risks after all. This time, Wentao has already thought about it and explained that he is ready to raise troops for a thousand days.
Feisheng Bar has been hidden for so long, and if it really comes to the key moment this time, they are the Indiana Jones.
It’s good to have some more power now.
"Ok, I agree. You go back and call their department up in a few days, and then I will go there." Wentao is afraid that the old earthquake will not hold back the rapid formation of their old place. Nowadays, the main forces are the three major columns, regardless of him. Secondly, his early methods are very special. Thirdly, he is full of strength and is no match for his small forces alone.
But now he has corrected those small forces and formed a new force.
These forces are so powerful that he can’t hold back and will explode.
I’m very glad to hear it. "I’d better have a good time with my little brother, and I won’t follow your brother. I’m trying to plan, and now I can’t get into the eye without planning and force. It’s better to study this new system here. If it can be promoted, it’s a big deal."
Lao Di is a strange man. He is bent on developing his power, blocking roads and robbing things.
When he takes everything seriously, this is one of the main reasons why he can become friends with Wentao.
Just like now, he can give the power he has developed rapidly for decades to Wentao at one time. Although there are some problems, it will be solved soon if he does not expand for another ten years.
"Little bro, I tell you, don’t be cruel to these turtles and grandchildren. Give them a hard time if you need cannon fodder. You don’t even know what these bastards want to play with me recently. They don’t want to think about who founded this company."
Haiming heard this in the eyes and there was excitement. "Why don’t I just accompany you back and unplug those fried hairs first?"
Haven’t really killed for a long time, and after hundreds of years of super-rapid growth of cultivation strength, Haiming is now like the tiger that just came out of the cage.
"Haiming" Brigitte Qiong gently called a Haiming sound. Haiming immediately dared not dare to do it again, but he was different from the waves and the wind.
Show your smile and stand your hand like a child in front of Biqiong. That means I’m just kidding.
Brigitte Joan heart but face serious eyes shifted to the old body no longer pay attention to HaiMing.
"Hai Ming should prepare to compete with Chunyang real people. I still have many things to explain to him. He can’t leave the blue sea and the sky during this period. If I need it from Dr. Wen, I can let the waves and the wind follow me to be at your disposal."
Brigitte Joan thinks more. If Haiming goes so far, it will be bad if she is misunderstood.
Besides, it has never been known whether Haiming is practicing like Biqiong in it. Sometimes it is natural to take an examination of the school. If you can’t reach a satisfactory level, Biqiong will not let Haiming go to war.
"No," Wen Tao refused. "I’ll go there myself, but let’s talk about the Millennium Covenant first. I don’t think I’m suitable for staying in Bibo Haitian for a long time now."
As soon as I appear, Kunlun Sect and Sanxian Valley will certainly pay attention to the fact that if I stay in Bibo Haitian for a long time, it will cause trouble.
"Then according to what the doctor said," Brigitte Joan said in her heart, "This time I’m going to …"
"Wait a minute …" Always stop Brigitte Joan. "Wait a minute and wait until I’m gone."
"…" Everyone looks at the old place and doesn’t hide that he believes in him. Now he is …
Looking at everyone’s eyes, I quickly explained, "Don’t get me wrong. I’m not interested in these things. I’m thinking about a lot of things now, and I’m afraid that listening to too many of your things will affect my thoughts. I’ll go back soon after I finish my work."
As early as just now, when Haiming saw Biqiong, he had told Biqiong that he had something to look for him through his mind.
Brigitte Joan said, "Don’t hesitate to ask me if Brigitte Joan can help you."
"Well …" Old slightly hesitated a way "I want to ask if you can know that I … what kind of god beast descendants? If I’m a descendant of a common god beast, but my blood is also special, but if I’m listening to other descendants of god beasts, my strength has reached the peak of three robberies and scattered immortals, which is close to the level of four robberies and scattered immortals, and I haven’t remembered it yet. You know more about ancient times, and Biqiong also claims to be easy to calculate. You help me solve this problem. "
Everyone was shocked when they heard it. I didn’t expect to keep asking such a question. He didn’t know it himself! ! !
No wonder people of this character are embarrassed when they ask questions.
Wentao’s first reaction after hearing this is that it is worth studying. He said that his blood was an alchemist to control Haiming’s injury. Wentao thought about studying what happened to an old blood. Now he is more interested in hearing what he said.
Chapter four hundred The origin of the old land?
"Brother, what’s so special about your blood?" Wentao took the opportunity to learn more about one through consciousness.
"I’m not sure myself." I’m very depressed when I go to these old places. "I don’t even know exactly what I am. I can understand what you said about blood. The reason why the black dragon understands it is that I just started at that time more than a thousand years ago. He was already an overseas island, and it was recognized as the first time in the repair world that I fought with several enemies, and their strength was also much stronger than mine. Of course, in the eyes of the black dragon at that time, I was afraid of fighting with children, but it happened that he saw that Sun was pretending to be ordinary and coming with him. When I was chatting, I was seriously injured and I was recovering, so he kept chatting with me. For a few decades, I was able to get along well and became friends. It was then that he realized that my blood was special, and then he came to me with Beyonce for help. "
However, it is obvious that he is always confused about his situation, otherwise he would not ask Biqiong.
"Where did the black dragon notice the difference in your blood?" The black dragon must have seen the old land’s unique talent, and communicated with the old land as the first master in the field of repairing reality. Of course, if you encounter a general overseas practice, if you really find that the old land is a treasure that may be valuable in your blood, you must take the opportunity to take it.
Then go back and study slowly, but the black dragon is a black dragon after all, and he should despise it, and he has become friends with the old land. He must have discovered the potential of the old land at that time, and the speed of power rise in the old land in recent decades is really amazing