"Sunset Arrow" Wind Yang no longer hesitates to display the sunset arrow, which instantly condenses. With the wind Yang’s finger, it is as thin as a cicada’s bow string, as if generate shot the sunset arrow out with unimaginable elasticity and turned it into a light beam to shoot the paralyzed white tiger.

Exploding the white tiger’s body, a enchanting snowflake exploded, and its huge size was blown out, but it was paralyzed by thunder, but it couldn’t even send out a roar. It was like a doll without enlightenment and wisdom.
Wan Jianzong specially selected three potential brothers from his younger brothers two years ago to participate in the competition. It turns out that three brothers have been specially trained to live up to expectations. Jian Zongdi’s outstanding achievements in the competition are far ahead of his younger brother, and among these three people, Xu Hongwen is outstanding. At this time, it is already the strength level of Wu Wuzun, which is among the best in all sects.
Xu Hongwen has such an achievement at such a young age. Growing up in an environment where many stars are holding the moon, he naturally developed a high-spirited and arrogant mentality.
"The warfare will actually be this kind of assessment, which is really disappointing." Xu Hongwen’s unblocked resistance to the fifth floor did not encounter any danger, but he felt that he had overestimated the N quality of the warfare of Gulai Empire, but on second thought, he felt that his strength was far away from others.
He thought triumphantly that this kind of examination is extremely dangerous and challenging for others, but it is just a child’s trick for himself. Those people and I are not in the same class after all, and it is really a bit of a loss to participate in the martial arts meeting with these weak people.
So thinking about Xu Hongwen’s dodge dodge level 5 Warcraft seems fierce and fierce attack again and again.
Xu Hongwen majored in swordsmanship, a phantom sword, which was completely white, five feet three inches long and two inches wide. Both sides were sharper than blowing hair, and the blade was like a transparent one.
The sword is a good sword, and it is powerful as mud. Waving it in the snow-white sword body is like becoming a mirage.
A good sword can exert real power in the hands of a person who knows the sword, and Xu Hongwen suspects that a person who knows and loves the sword is sharp and sharp.
His amazing hand phantom sword seems to disappear, and there are a series of phantom swords intertwined with white tigers leaving a series of shocking wounds.
"Wan Jian returned to the Sect"
Feiyun Gate’s main swordsmanship has no power that can be exerted by order setting. With the level of Wan Jian’s returning to the motherland rising, it will be cultivated to the tenth floor. Even if the sword is in hand, Wan Jian’s returning to the motherland will be able to exert the power of cracking mountains and stones.
If Wan Jian Zongdi has enough contribution value, he can get the sword tactic to cooperate with the phantom sword Xu Hongwen to practice to the sixth floor, and the power of’ Wan Jian’s return to the Sect’ is brought into full play to his best.
The phantom sword rises and the blade is pointed at the white tiger. However, at the moment when the phantom sword rises, the sword shadow suddenly appears all over the sky around the white tiger. Xu Hongwen’s arms control the phantom sword.
In an instant, the sword mans around the white tiger suddenly turned into streamers, one after another, shooting at the white tiger, and the large area around the white tiger was like a laser shadow. The sword mans flashed and dazzled like streamers.
However, when every streamer flashes, the sword shadow around the floating white tiger will be less. When dozens of swords are shot out, the floating half is directed at the white tiger phantom sword, which suddenly produces a huge suction. A white mans flock to the phantom sword as if it had just flown out and the sword mans were absorbed back by the phantom sword at the moment.
At this time, the phantom sword has been covered with a rich layer of light, and it is getting bigger and bigger. With a wave of Xu Hongwen’s arm, it is condensed with madness and ferocity. Pulling out a ghosting image in the phantom sword produces a ripple of gas, which is shocked by a gas. The phantom sword has already entered the white tiger. See a bang, the huge body of the white tiger suddenly bursts and blood Ru suddenly splashes.
Jin Peng and Tian Lei, who came to the competition with Xu Hongwen, suddenly looked dumbfounded and drew a chill.
Tian Lei returned to absolute being and said with a smile, "Brother Xu’s swordsmanship has improved greatly. I don’t think many people can stop the warfare."
Tian Lei is also a carefully selected elite brother. His position is not worse than that of Xu Hongwen, and he is not respectful and flattering to Xu Hongwen. When he speaks, he is full of appreciation and congratulations
"The champion of the warfare will belong to our Wan Jianzong" Jinpeng also proudly laughed.
"Flying Cloud Gate won the first place in every round. This time, when we entered the competition, it must be us." Xu Hongwen smiled triumphantly and paused to draw a sneer at the corners of his mouth. "I won’t let those two guys fly Cloud Gate leave the altar. Since they are death altars, someone must die."
"Of course" Tian Lei and Jin Peng also sneer.
At the same time, Sheng Rui, the elder brother of Desperate Valley, and Jie Ze, the second brother, also fought fiercely with White Tiger.
"You retreat", the master elder brother Sheng Rui drinks a dark magic knife in one hand, raises his chest, and the blade points to the white tiger’s grip on the handle. His arms are like a brake, and the force of the powerful force is input into the magic knife, so that the magic knife instantly exudes awe-inspiring power and oppressive force, and the gas will shake out waves of ripples as if it were distorted.
all of a sudden
Sheng Rui’s figure suddenly disappeared, but in the blink of an eye, Sheng Rui’s figure returned to its original place. When Sheng Rui returned to its original place, a white light was already shining like moonlight. This light extended from the place where Sheng Rui just stood to the back of the white tiger. At the same time, the white tiger’s body flashed a cross-shaped knife.
The huge body of the white tiger has been chopped into three parts, and all the abdominal organs have been shattered or cut off, and a large area of the ground has been dyed red with blood.
Just impressively, it was Sheng Rui who launched the saber technique and Wushu, and the body instantly burst out, making people move to the magic knife behind the white tiger and bring out a touch of moonlight light, and then the ghostly degree crossed and chopped out two knives, and then the cross-shaped knife mans appeared, and then the incredible degree returned to the original place.
This is not the fact that Sheng Rui’s posture is to cast out this knife method * which will force generate to raise the degree to this level. Breaking the magic knife in the past will give the white tiger a strong stab, but when it is cross-cut, it will be a stab again, which is equivalent to a moment when Sheng Rui gave the white tiger four knives.
The third teacher younger brother secretly stunned. Soon, some Yn soft and handsome faces returned to normal and ran to Sheng Rui’s side and said with a smile, "Big Brother, you are getting more and more fierce in the moonlight."
"Whether it’s Feiyun Gate or Wan Jianzong, I can handle it alone." Seeing that the third teacher younger brother is so worshipful, he looked at the big brother Sheng Rui Jie Ze and disdained to hum.
"If you are so arrogant again, you will get a big loss sooner or later. People who are sent to participate in the warfare meeting on behalf of various schools are not absolutely weak, especially Feiyun Gate and Wan Jianzong. They are not simple roles." Sheng Rui is arrogant and wise. N grid is somewhat matched with his name, and he still has the proud talent and strength. It is no wonder that he can become a master elder brother and Jie Ze has always been the second child.
"Brother is right. Do you remember those two younger brothers who met Feiyun in the inn the day before yesterday? They were very calm when they met your provocation, but they were calm and didn’t have an argument with you." The third younger brother said
"That’s because they don’t have the guts." Jezer grinned. "I’ll show them when I meet them in the altar forest later."
Hand-written novels
Chapter two hundred and fifty-five Extinction of humanity
Welcome you to come.
When they arrived at the altar forest from the altar of death, Wan Jianzong Xu Hongwen and Jin Peng Tian Lei didn’t see the figure of his sect brother here, and there was one person who was alone at the exit, and this person was the one who distributed the reward.
"We were the first to come out." Xu Hongwen smiled happily and turned to the side of Jin Peng and Tian Lei and walked to the man at the exit. "Say what’s the reward."
"Beast Yuan Dan, Xuanjie primary Wushu, weapon Lingcao send some positions" The man directly quoted a channeling reward and immediately said, "No one can choose the same, so you can’t choose to repeat it"
Xu Hongwen chose Xuanjie’s junior Wushu Jinpeng, the beast Yuandantian Lei, and a Lingcao. No one chose the location of the delivery point. If you choose this reward, you can directly know the location of a delivery point. However, when the three people feel that they are the first to come out, they can look for a delivery array. There is no need to wave the indicator from the altar forest.