When Xia Yu came to the city, he couldn’t help but be shocked by the magnificent wall that was more than twenty meters high and five or six meters thick, like a hovering dragon. When he came to the city, he didn’t have a chance to see such a complete ancient city. It is conceivable that all the males like this were once attacked by Warcraft.

At this time, it’s a hot day, when the sunset passes into the city and out of the city, many pedestrians are tall, strong, rough-skinned, orcish-shaped, handsome elves and bearded dwarves can be seen at any time. In addition, Xia Yu, a different race with colorful skin color and hair, is too dazzling to see. Blackstone Town is located in the westernmost part and has little contact with the outside world. Residents and Europeans and Americans on the earth are almost the same. Xia Yu has never seen these special humans. Qiusi looks at Xia Yu with curiosity. "This is the most complicated city in the whole Mizpah
"What a wife!" Xia Yu didn’t know how to express it at the moment.
"It’s incredible, isn’t it? Hehe, so many races can live normally together with portela’s loose policy. portela follows the principle of strength. No matter which nationality or race he is, he can contribute to Sunset City, so he can settle here and be sheltered by him. It’s a paradise for the strong and a hell for the weak, but I believe that Master Xia Yu will be able to live here with great satisfaction." Judith smiled and complimented that he is not a character as a mayor here, and Xia Yu’s position will definitely surpass him if he can be appreciated by Count portela.
Heaven for the strong and hell for the weak! Xia Yu felt a twinge in his heart. He didn’t know if he could stay in this city that abides by the law of the jungle with his little knowledge of wine-making and mathematics. If he didn’t succeed, he might die.
Chapter 1 Introduction ()
There are dozens of soldiers with pike and black armor on the left and right sides of the sunset city gate, but pedestrians are free to go in and out and there are no soldiers to check, which makes Xia Yu breathe a sigh of relief. He still needs any documents to enter the city like the earth. He doesn’t have anything to prove his identity. After two people entered the city, Qiusi took Xia Yu along the straight and wide road and turned to a relatively remote alley. After ten minutes, Xia Yu was just about to ask where to go when Qiusi stopped in front of a bar with a’ Mercenary Home’ brand. "Mr. Xia Yu, you can live here first. This is me.
Mercenary House is a very unique bar, with a white stone building on the first floor and a pure wooden attic on the second floor. Xia Yu likes it at first sight. He is a stranger to this city, and now he can listen to the arrangement of Judith and has no opinion on where to live.
It was noon when two people came to Sunset City. There were not many people in the bar. There were a few tough-looking soft armor mercenaries in skins. As soon as Juss entered the door, he heard a clear voice saying, "Juss, it was you who made a fortune making wine, and you didn’t take care of an old friend. I didn’t give a discount for a copper coin when I took wine from your shop."
Xia Yu looked down at the voice and saw a handsome young man of twenty years old lazily leaning against the oak counter with his glass in his hand to greet Qiusi.
Is he the owner of this bar? It’s too young. Maybe it’s the boss or the bartender, Xia Yu thought.
"Roque, those aren’t my shops. I make wine and don’t sell wine. If you go to Blackstone, I’ll consider giving you a few barrels." Joes laughed.
"Go to Blackstone Town? Oh, my God, it’s not enough for me to sell wine and gold coins unless you send me a few barrels of hardcover brandy. "Roark still smiled lazily.
Hearing the word brandy, all the mercenaries in the bar turned their heads and looked at Qiusi. Most of them are good drinkers. Brandy has become so famous in Sunset City recently that they have long heard of it. Two mercenaries have whispered, "Brandy maker?" "Maybe Roark won’t talk nonsense."
Joes walked in front of Rocco. "Rocco, I’m going to Sunset City to do something. You stay here for a few days."
"There are just two rooms in the building." Roark glanced at Xia Yu and whispered, "I heard that many people want to trouble you now, and you actually sent it to the door."
With a wry smile, Juss turned to Xia Yu and said, "This is Roque, the boss of Mercenary House, a noble elf. I’ll call him if I need anything after I go out."
It turns out to be the Elves. No wonder Xia Yu is so young. Elves are a higher race on the mainland-they have a long life span, which is usually four or five times that of humans. Dorok looks like a young man of about twenty years old, but in fact, he is probably about one hundred years old.
"Who is this?" Rocco handed Qiusi a glass of wine, which was a "Maotai".
"I’ll tell you more when my friend comes back in the summer." Joes glanced around and said.
"Well, in the summer, I’m Rocco, and I’m here for a drink. You’re welcome. Remember the person who grew up in this town." Rocco handed Xia Yu another glass of wine.
"Thank you" Xia Yu pick up the wine.
"I’ll go out to run an errand and come back to see you for a drink." Juss gulped down the wine in the cup and waved away from the mercenary’s house to find his teacher Luke at the Fire Dragon School of Magic.
There are four magic schools in Sunset City, namely, Fire Dragon College and Water College. Muling College and Houtu College can have four magic schools at the same time. It is a symbol of a large city. It is good to have one or two magic schools like a small town, but only the imperial city and several megacities have four days of thunder and gloom. Magic magic school, Fire Dragon College, the southeast corner of the sunset city and the magic adjacent to the alchemy college are the most offensive. The size of a fire dragon college is also the largest red tone among the four colleges. The teaching building is like a flame, giving people a passionate feeling. On the right side of the school gate, two fire-breathing dragons are carved, and four striking characters are written’ Fire Dragon College’.
It is the first time for him to come back here since he graduated from the entrance of Qiusi College. Screlli, a fire wizard, famously said, "Things can’t be burned", which also burned his ideals and enthusiasm, but the reality has put out the burning enthusiasm. Now he is a mediocre little mayor of Blackstone Town.
The gate of the Fire Dragon Academy emits heat waves and flames. This is not a real gate. This is a fire wall art controlled by a magic circle. All people who want to enter the Fire Dragon Academy must go through this gate first. Of course, it is the same for ordinary people to enter this fire wall art without the permission of the gatekeeper. It is natural that it will not be difficult for Qiusi to release a energy shield to protect himself and easily walk through the fire wall.
"Dear Mr Magician, who are you looking for?" A magic apprentice on duty asked politely.
"I’m looking for Luke’s care."
"May I ask your name?"
"Juss Fire Wizard"
"Oh, the tutor of Juss Magician Luke is on the east second floor of his office."
"Thank you." Joyce turned to the east second floor, where he used to go in those days. He got to Luke’s office and knocked on two doors. "Mr. Luke?"
"Which little rabbit cub rolled in" came out in an old and grumpy voice.
So old and angry, I didn’t lose my temper at all. At that time, Juss pushed the door and walked in with a smile. Luke was surprised. "How did Juss come to see me when he was so young?"
Luke is in his fifties and tall. If he is not wearing a fiery red wizard robe and holding a big sword with two hands in his hand, he will be regarded as an armored soldier. He is the most powerful mentor of the Fire Dragon Academy of Magic. However, because of his bad temper, he has been a magic mentor of the Fire Dragon Academy until now. After graduating from the Fire Dragon Academy for so many years, he can still recognize Qiusi because he is a special one of his brothers. The Mies Imperial Academy of Magic stipulates that students of the School of Magic can only learn from magic if they are promoted to magicians. After graduating from the college, I stayed in Qiusi Huolong College for 8 years, but I have always been a magic apprentice. I finally obtained the wizard certification after practicing the magic circle. Of course, he also spent some thoughts on his graduation, which is why Qiusi respects him very much.
Recommend collecting brothers to help top one.
Chapter 12 Introduction (middle) (for recommendation and collection)
"Mentor, I want you to introduce me to Lord portela. I have something important to say to him." Qiu Simen sees the road. He knows that Luke’s care counselor has a bad temper. honest and frank hates others to beat around the bush.
"portela? It’s not easy for you to meet him. He won’t meet a nobody like you. Tell me what you can do to impress this arrogant guy, "Luke said rudely."
"Tutor, I know a man who is a magical mathematical genius. He can draw many complicated figures and convert many figures equally. I think Count portela will be interested if he knows."
"Even if Count portela is interested in mathematics, he won’t necessarily meet you in this small matter, will he? Giuseppe Petra has too many things to deal with every day, and besides, he has to practice magic?" Luke said absently.
The exam is coming soon. Where is he taking his brothers to test their troubles? This year, these students really upset him. He just called Al Hughes to sleep in class, and he hasn’t seen these tired guys yet.