After staying in complete Huntian, the two men quickly opened the tower. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the heart-washing fruit. It is somewhat regrettable that there should be no idle area in the calculation because of willy. The four heart-washing fruits in willy’s hand are almost the limit.

Sure enough, after killing the last black magic tower, the two men were sent to a huge hall, and I don’t know what age it was. The hall was gorgeous and magnificent, and only a few people could hold the load-bearing columns horizontally and carve all kinds of exotic animals. The top of each domain was simple and heavy
There is a black platform in the middle of the main hall. There is no solemn throne in the center of the platform. It is obvious that the throne is not too powerful. Suddenly, some people are tempted to give birth to an idea of wanting to sit and try. The consciousness of footsteps moves slowly and goes with his footsteps. As soon as he steps out of the road leading to the platform, a passage appears. In the passage, pieces of crystal-clear black gemstones are flowing in the semi-transparent gemstone department, and it is very beautiful. Although he has little time to dabble in the auxiliary business of refining, even laymen can see these.
That’s a very valuable refining material. Occasionally, a small piece of it can be exchanged for a large stone pen. It is a good fortune. It can be seen that this road was actually made by Xingyaoshi, which shocked Willy and made him very impulsive. He raised his hand with a claw of deep and green ghost claws and hit the ground directly. However, after the crashing energy hit, the ground of Xingyaoshi did not move at all, and it did not surprise him slightly. It was strange that Xingyaoshi was very precious but not strong and famous, and it was not much harder than ordinary stones.
Willy, this ghost claw can easily dig and tear a large stone if it is decorated in a rock. Even if it is not good, it is impossible to have no reaction at all. Willy just picked up the wheel of silence method to prepare it for cutting, but when he tried it, he was stunned and felt as if something was missing around him.
After frowning and thinking carefully for a long time, it suddenly dawned on me that Qi Feifei had disappeared. Did you drag Qi Feifei to send it together when you sent it? Did you enter this demon temple together?
There seems to be something wrong with the situation. After careful induction, I feel that Qi Feifei is nearby, but it is definitely not more than a mile away. Two people have a wisp of fusion together. Don’t be too far away. After throbbing, I can feel safe to her, even if she wears a procuratorial cloak.
Looking around, there was no sign of Qi Feifei in the swinging hall, and it released a powerful mind to cover the whole hall, but there was still no sign of her. She shouted a few words at her throat and there was no response except that she could hear her own response. She was wearing a monitoring cloak and joking with herself.
But on second thought, it doesn’t quite conform to Qi Feifei’s character. When she follows her all the way, she always speaks and speaks cautiously, showing a sense of cleverness and ingratiation.
In this critical situation, the boss can’t do such a stupid thing that will make him angry. The situation is thunderous and carefully sensed-she is still not far from herself, but they seem to be separated by something?
Willy some couldn’t guess what it was, but he did know one thing, that is, this demon temple seems to have a strange demon temple. Isn’t it … Willy looked up at the majestic throne and suddenly felt a strong desire to sit and see it as if it were his lifelong wish?
Regardless of stepping on the Xingyaoshi Road, I walked forward step by step firmly and slowly. I don’t know when it will be on both sides of Xingyaoshi Road. There are two rows of statues, each of which is lifelike and almost completely different. For example, the statue on the left is a giant with a face about three feet high and can’t see clearly with a helmet. The face is simple and full of texture. The armor is heavy and gorgeous, and the hands are supported by a giant sword with a height of one and a half feet. The posture is awe-inspiring and majestic. Even a statue with thunder can feel a charm from him.
On his right, the statue is four or five feet tall, and I have to look up to see it clearly. Yes, it is. Although it stands on its feet, it doesn’t recognize that it is a human fine sculptor. It has a vivid picture of its scales and muscles hidden in scales. A long, thick tail is dragged on the ground, full of flames, and a row of sharp and dangerous barbs are arranged from the tail tip to its back and swept by the back of the head until there is a huge corner on the top of its head. The body keys are also wrapped in armor, and the style is much rougher.
The limbs are very strong and strong, especially the limbs are full of strength and beauty, which gives people a feeling that if they bounce, they can go straight into the sky. The right hand and the right paw hold a giant spear that is less than three or four feet long, and the teeth are dense. Those scarlet eyes give people a cruel and violent feeling. I can’t recognize what it is, but I believe that if I meet it, I will die.
There is also a body full of flame armor, but it doesn’t look like a human being in any way, but there is also a set of ice crystal armor with wings on the back, but every statue body exudes a breath that is so daunting than the strong breath. There have been two times in my mind, that is, I saw it in the small valley in Monty’s body, and the second is that sectarianism is bigger than I have felt it from Zongyuanying’s ancestors.
Among so many statues with different images, willy recognized two of them. One of them, willy, not only saw it in Tuzhi, but also in Yin Shazong. His statue was a member of the Shura clan who knew the cultivation method and sectarian inheritance of the big Sect that day. But the Shura and Willy had seen the Shura statue, which was quite different. Although willy had seen the figure or statue that was far bigger and burly than the present one, but the ugly male Shura statue with a height of several feet was far from imposing and majestic.
In addition, I know a ferocious figure who is tens of feet high and dark, but wears majesty and holds a golden fork. I have occasionally seen the hag king in the map. If the inference is established, I feel that the shura may be Sula Wong
If we infer carefully that maybe these statues are qualified to be in a row with King Shura of Hag, then we can be sure that they will never be weak and can’t be miscellaneous fish and shrimp. Maybe they are the kings of all ethnic groups, just like King Shura and King Hag.
It’s a pity that throb’s practice is still short, and he can’t recognize most racial kings here.
With these inferences, willy is somewhat awed by these statues. If they are alive, then any one of them can crush himself easily like an ant. With some admiration, willy keeps these lifelike statues in his mind one by one. Maybe some of these races have died out, but this does not prevent a practitioner who pursues eternity and strength from looking up to them at the peak of strength.
At this moment, I feel something. How amazing is it that I crossed into this world? The world’s huge species are prosperous and full of dangers. Godsworn himself in the foundation period may be arrogant in the face of some weak and scattered practices, but he is still so weak in this whole world. At this moment, it is clear how weak he is, and he is determined that he is eager to become stronger and be able to control his own destiny. His curiosity about the throne of the temple is increasing.
Chapter one hundred and sixty Mundus
At this moment when he believed in Buddhism, he forgot something step by step and soon reached the front of the steps. When he just lifted his legs and stepped across, the star-studded stone suddenly changed dramatically. A few skinny and ragged sleeves stretched out from the soles of his feet and grabbed his throbbing ankle and pulled it desperately.
At the same time, a resentful, miserable and sharp ghost can’t be heard, as if this foot didn’t step on the steps and entered the nether world full of ghosts and hungry ghosts. This is generally the case. If you change your sexual mind, you will be less determined, even if you will be scared. However, willy has joined the Yin evil spirit Sect since childhood. "I have seen many strange scenes and majored in the nether world. * * *" Brother Yu Ghost Tactics saw this muddy scene like Shura Hell. "My heart is not afraid of being calm and filled with a layer of black fog and ghosts.
Willy nodded his head with satisfaction. Since he entered this temple of demons, his ability to control and understand the nether world has become stronger. Many nether world * * * * is the top of the Yin evil spirit clan * * * * but it doesn’t mean that learning the nether world * * * can become an enemy who fights all over the world. Even the fact that the bodhi old zu has learned and understood the nether world can be regarded as a small achievement at best.
As those ghost hands were torn to pieces, they dragged him firmly to the ground, and the pulling force had disappeared, and he also successfully stepped on the first step. When he lifted his leg and stepped on the second step, he counted pale and pale. "The number of creepy ghosts suddenly appeared." Almost filled the whole hall, and the evil wind was blowing gently, accompanied by the ghosts who growled and roared like beasts. The ghosts came at him and were timid and even scared to faint immediately.
Willy is cold to hum a "whole body ghostly, a little bit ghostly, a little bit ghostly, a little bit ghostly, a little bit ghostly, and a little bit ghostly, and a little bit ghostly" condensed into a series of units, and something ghostly kept wandering around willy, and those ghosts who tried to get close to each other were cut into pieces and dispersed in the air, and the wailing screams resounded through their ears, and the thunder was firm and still "unmoved and soon" and the ghosts disappeared completely.
Throwing is another step, this time it’s a sea of dead mountains and blood, and it’s still a determined trampling away.
Step by step, he walked steadfastly to the throne of the temple, which seemed to have fatal attraction to him. Every step would lead to various visions, but none of them could stop the throbbing.
Finally, he stepped on a few skeletons and stepped on the blood of the dead mountain and climbed to the temple platform. The luxurious and majestic throne was just around the corner. There was an extremely carefree feeling in his heart. He turned around. "He sat down and felt a little cold, but there didn’t seem to be any parting. When he was disappointed, the two rows of statues representing kings of various races in the temple made a quack and trembled, followed by a huge momentum from their bodies. Every one of them was destroyed and every one could destroy everything here at will.
They used to be a little dull, and their eyes became smart and stiff one by one, but their muscles were all cracked. Those strange eyes with different shapes fell on Lei and set off.
They are all alive.
Willy was horrified. How is that possible? Is it illusion? Or these are all after; Hey? In the face of that face, anyone can easily tear his eyes. A cold chill rushes from his spine to his head, and he is cold and dark. I feel that this is finished.
Worm still drag out an ignoble existence "willy is a man who cherishes his life. He wants to try his best to escape, even if there is the slightest hope of life. Maybe these guys are just a frame.
However, the next thing made him dumbfounded. He saw two rows of peerless kings bow down on one knee with a brush facing throb, and cried together, "I’m humble to see the emperor". The sound made the whole hall buzz and almost fell from the throne.
But it was this drink that made him immediately give up the horse’s plan to escape. There was a strange expression on his face. He misheard me and whispered, "What did you call me?"
"The Great" is in front of a bull’s head, full of muscle bumps, and the axe guy looks up and thunders.
Although throbbing doesn’t know how to distinguish the expression of a cow’s face, it can be seen from its eyes about the size of a washbasin that it is in fear and awe at the moment, but it is more worship. In that kind of worship, it is burning like a flame, and it is crazy. There is an intuition that this peerless fierce cow will crawl in front of itself and lick its toes, and it will lick it with relish. There is also a feeling that it will commit suicide, and it will not have two words.
His eyes make throb blood burn, and every capillary seems to be hit. "Cheering and jumping for joy, this unknown supernatural monster throb feels that it is not inferior to monty, that is to say.
My heart is a little fluttering. "
Willy is looking down on one knee. In the monster group of the king, Sula Wong wants to confirm a sinking road "Sula Wong" again.
"Belonging to" Sula Wong’s head is heavy, and his ferocious and ferocious ugly face is very pious and seems to be a little excited. "Does the emperor have orders? Are you going to let the genus lead the Shura army to wipe out a certain domain? Finally, it is the turn of the genus to look forward to it. "
"Sula Wong, I want to ask you what my name is." Willy has a face of sweat, but this Sula Wong seems to be an extremely militant point. However, his face of piety makes Willy feel a throbbing heart. Sula Wong Tang Sula Wong turned out to be a member of his own people, and he is not necessarily the best warrior because he is not too close.
Sula Wong looked disappointed but seemed to think of something. A face of awe changed from kneeling on one knee to kneeling on one knee. The urn airway said, "You should call yourself Lian and ask the emperor to continue to call yourself a nickname deer. How can there be a king in front of the emperor?"
Little deer? I feel dizzy when I clap my head, but at this time, I feel dizzy. "Okay, little er, deer, that I, er" is an external title. "
"Don’t dare to call the emperor titles" Sula Wong deer down the track.
"Let you say you say" willy see Sula Wong so bravery is not much. Many directly angered with a straight face.
"Magic Mundus"
"Mundus? Uh, it seems a little silly. "Willy is in distress situation. How can he have such a title?" What’s the name of the emperor? There are too many emperors in this world. "
"The emperor, why is your old man’s family so heavy about the past?" The bull’s head and the strong man laughed with simplicity. "Didn’t your old man make an order to wipe out all those who dared to claim the emperor 99%?" "What?"
Do you really do this by yourself? At that time, I couldn’t believe it, but I felt that something was wrong. My brain was so painful that I quickly waved and said, "Go out first."
After a wave of his hand, everyone disappeared in a flash, and no one dared to disagree.
I don’t know how long it took before Willy jumped up at the moment, only to see that Chen Geweihua, two brothers, suddenly presented a semi-transparent soul state, and there was blood flowing in front of him. The sound was cold and trembling. "Willy, we are so miserable. You must avenge us."
Throb blood suddenly boiled up, his eyes were red, his face was ferocious and his voice was hoarse. "Who killed you?"
"It’s her, it’s her." They sounded a little ethereal and shrill, pointing to the distance and screaming, "She killed us."
Willy looked stunned at Ding Wanyan’s hands, holding a flying sword in vain, and she was dressed in the peach blossom cold pool, just like a pure and gentle but coquettish and charming goblin. Seeing that she looked at her willy eyes, she was lovely and charming. "Teacher younger brother, these two people have disloyalty to you. I have killed them for you."
Willy stare "thundered" it’s impossible "
"What" Ding Wanyan suddenly became miserable and wronged. Her watery eyes looked at throb. "Teacher younger brother, don’t you believe me?"
Willy’s mind was stunned on the spot. Is it true that Chen Gewei Hua has infidelity for himself?
"We were wronged and we didn’t." The ghost of Chen Geweihua screamed and complained again.
"You have betrayed your teacher younger brother" Ding Wanyan is also angry and abnormal shouted.
Willy listened for a while and didn’t know who to trust, but he always felt that something seemed to be wrong. Suddenly, his mind flashed and he asked, "Do you know where I come from, sister?"
Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Kill who? Ask for recommended votes
Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Kill who?
"Of course, I know that you are from jiangnan province, China … Have you forgotten that you crossed here?" Ding Wanyan looked at throb with a strange face, as if he was stupid to ask this question, but she was even the face of Chen Geweihua, which was constantly bleeding, and Ding Wanyan was right.
Suddenly throb mind a piece of clear as if a white come over ha ha sneer at "the teacher elder sister, I told you this? If you are really my senior sister, shouldn’t you tell me that you are from Leijia Town, Wanxi City, Wu State? "
"Brother Lei, what do you mean?" Ding Wanyan suddenly became sad and frightened as if he were a poor girl after being abandoned by chaos. "Do you want me, junior brother?"
"That’s enough," thundered the thunder with a sneer on his face. "My demons forbid you to insult my senior sister again …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
A flash of green light whimpered sadly, singing * * * The bigger the illusion, the faster it turned, and the blink of an eye made the demons turn into’ Ding Wanyan’ and cut them into two pieces. When the two pieces turned into light smoke, she was still in sorrow and cried, "Teacher younger brother, you are so cruel …" The sound went back and forth in this temple.