Zhang Xingjian looked at Qina in disbelief. Did he just let me go? Maybe it’s really my heart’s desire.

Zhang Xingjian hobbled away with a group of dejected management team members, and took a deep look at Qi Na when he left, with a hint of alignment and gratitude.
A huge farce ended peacefully in this way, and the audience still felt a little unsatisfied, but it would not be a pity to be lucky to see Qi Na’s stunning performance and the dramatic equaliser in the end.
After this war, Qina’s name reached its peak, and Lama Qinan, a popular boy from Luyan and Zhang Xingjian, became the most popular boy in Hunan. His affair with Qin Sishui was even more hyped by everyone, but now no one has said that he wanted to eat swan meat all night. He has upgraded from a toad to a swan, and he and Qin Sishui are really a good match for love in the city.
Qi Na, the party concerned, is bitter and can’t tell where girls are pointing at him every day. Fortunately, it is less to dare to strike up a conversation now. After all, they don’t recognize that they can compete with Qin Sishui, the first beauty in Hunan. Since Qin Sishui never watched the game that day, everyone recognized that she and Qi Na must be inextricably linked.
Qin Sishui also found that the feelings and flowers sent to classrooms and dormitories have been greatly reduced recently. Of course, she knows the reason. It must be that many suitors have taken the initiative to quit, and the one who recently made a splash in Qi Nan must be the one who picked flowers.
Hehe, in fact, it’s not bad to have him as a shield. I can talk a lot less about boys pestering Qin like water. I secretly thought that I never had an affair. What do you say to justify it? This time, of course, it’s the same. Let them misunderstand. What is it that I seem to secretly expect them to misunderstand? This has never been strange before.
Peng Beiwang, a close friend of Qin Yishui’s best friend, is in a daze again. Qin Yishui often falls into such a daze recently. What is the specific reason? She knows it well. It must be because her boyfriend’s dormitory is a handsome guy in Qinnan. Usually, Qin Yishui can’t affect her at all when she looks at it in the dormitory. Recently, when she is asked to chat with another roommate, Tang Shiqi, and occasionally when she talks about Qinan, she will find that it is like a girl in her prime of life. Everyone thinks that Qin is like water, just like the lotus fairy who can be seen from a distance but can’t be played near. It’s too out of touch, but it seems that the ice is as clear as lotus and Qin Xian is also in love.
Taekwondo and the two football matches are still being talked about by Hunan scholars, but Qinan has already lived a normal life. On this day, the chairman of the regular class meeting suddenly announced an unexpected news in Taiwan.
"Students tell you a good news. Our Huxiang University and Oriental University in Naples, Italy have formed a joint school-running partner, and strengthened the cooperation between the two universities. The school decided to send ten exchange students from all ages of Chinese to the Oriental University in Naples, Italy to exchange and study for three months. I have elected Qin Sishui in our class, and I believe everyone should have no different opinions. Qin Sishui’s literary attainments should be the highest in our class. There is no doubt about this. Oh, Qin Sishui, please come to my office with me. Let’s discuss the specific issues we should pay attention to."
In the envious eyes of the class, Qin seemed to get up and follow the class tutor to his office. Her face was also a little shocked. Obviously, she didn’t expect the class tutor to announce that she would go to Italy as an exchange student.
After the class tutor announced the news, let everyone finish the meeting. Qi Na and Qin Yishui disappeared, so he quickly took out his words and went to a remote part of the corridor to make a call to Xiao Canghai. This news was so sudden that he was a little caught off guard. Let Xiao Canghai study what he should do. He can’t just catch up with Italy to protect himself.
After listening to Xiao Canghai, the words were quickly connected, so that he didn’t care. He would personally deal with this matter and report it to Qin Ye, so that he could decide what to do next.
The next afternoon, when I visited the Oriental University in Naples, Italy, the name Qi Na appeared on the list of exchange students. Qi Na had to sigh again that Qin Ye Xiao Canghai and their miraculous skills were more difficult to accomplish in front of outsiders than they did in one night.
Ten of them will leave next Monday. Today, Wednesday, there are still five days before that day. When JiNa thought of splitting up with Xiu Xiu for three months, she made a call at noon and asked Xiao Canghai to call a hand to see Qin Sishui and hurry back to tell Xiu Xiu the news first.
Hey! ! Three months. It’s been half a month since it happened with Xiu Xiu. In the past half a month, I haven’t been back to see her except talking to her every day. Xiu Xiu never took the initiative to ask Qinan to go back to see him. She was white. Her brother was at work. What a good girl! I have no reason not to cherish her! !
volume one
Chapter 39 rival in love appears
The bus skidded for a distance and stopped at the platform. Qi Nan jumped out of the car and couldn’t wait to get home. It was about 200 meters from where he lived. In the middle of the road, he had to cross a stone street. Cai Yi’s building was surrounded by roads, and the traffic was very convenient.
Qina was walking to the street opposite the building when a silvery white car crossed a beautiful arc and just stopped at Cai Yi Building. It turned out to be the latest BMW Z4 sports car. Of course, Qina knew what it was, and he didn’t know exactly what it was. When he saw it in the library, he specially saw a famous car describing this society.
Hmm? Aunt Cai’s friends have such rich people? Qina knows that this BMW is expensive, but it can be picked up by someone who makes his brain crash on the spot.
From the car to impressively is Xiu Xiu! ! !
Behind Xiu Xiu’s car, a tall and handsome man, about 2056, then came from the car. Xiu Xiu was talking and laughing with him in the building.
Jina suddenly felt his heart ache like a tear, and suddenly he found that he was so concerned about Xiu Xiu. There was an inexplicable panic in his heart. Will Xiu Xiu leave himself? There are too many temptations in this world. At school, he often listens to Martin and Sun Dasheng. They say that which girl in the school dumped her boyfriend who had no money, and what kind of money did he Xiu Xiu have?
He struggled to move his legs from the street corner to the building, which was as short as 30 meters long as it seemed to take a century. But when Xiu Xiu saw himself, Qina finally dispelled his doubts, and his smiling face suddenly became as bright as azaleas all over the mountain, letting him know that Xiu Xiu was still the Xiu Xiu or the Xiu Xiu who said he wanted to live with him for a generation.
The man next to BMW is Li Wenjun, who is 27 years old and is the owner of a real estate company at a young age. His father is the boss of a city company, but he started this real estate company not by his old age, but by his own strength. His father just lent him some start-up funds. His company has always had business contacts with Qin Yehui’s real estate company, which is still vivid in his mind ten days ago, because he thinks that he met a woman that he might forget in his whole life-that is, Xiu Xiu.
On that day, as usual, he walked into Sunchon Real Estate Company, that is, the real estate company that Qin Ye probably visited almost once or twice every month. Sunchon is the biggest partner of his company. When he walked into the glass door for many times, he saw a girl who was as clean as a clear spring in the mountains and bowed his head to say hello to him and a group of people accompanying him. He felt as if he was in a trance, and his ears could no longer hear it. It turned out that there was such a thing as love at first sight in this world. This was the only idea in his mind at that time.
Once upon a time, he never believed that the so-called love at first sight was a beautiful lie imagined by people to comfort those men and women. Unexpectedly, one morning, his concept of love changed dramatically, and he became a member of the men and women. On that day, he was absent-minded in everything he did. The smiling girl tried her best to find out that she was a new receptionist from Shunfa Company.
At the age of twenty-seven, he is young, rich, tall and handsome, and has given him almost everything he can give. Of course, a man like him will not lack women. Over the past few years, there have been dozens of women around him, whether they are young, beautiful, sexy or charming, or capable. All kinds of women pass by his bed like a horse changing lights, but no one can calm him down.
When he saw Xiu Xiu, he really felt that he had a desire to settle down. In the next few days, he went to Shuntian to find all kinds of reasons to get close to Xiu Xiu for a few days. He was even more sure that Xiu Xiu was the right girl in his life. It was hard for him to imagine that it was still so clean and almost spotless in this materialistic society. The girl said that she was pure and almost naive.
Xiu Xiu is very kind to everyone, even the property management sweeping aunt. He secretly saw Xiu Xiu talking and laughing with that sweeping aunt in her forties for an hour or two. Now it is a noble performance for girls, especially beautiful girls, to talk with a sweeping aunt and leave without covering their noses.
So he asked Xiu Xiu to have coffee in a coffee shop next to the company and asked her why she liked to chat with the sweeping aunt. She actually said that because the sweeping aunt looked like her mother, she even hid her face in front of him and cried and said that she missed her mother. She didn’t treat him as an outsider at all and didn’t care about the strange eyes of everyone in the coffee shop.
Xiu Xiu is so simple, so simple, so scheming, and she is so clear and dry, winding like a mountain stream, looking for the exit of plain life; She is so simple and lovely, like an antelope running in the forest in the snow and fog in the morning. When it sees a sudden intrusion, it stops, but it doesn’t escape. It tilts its head and says, "Hello, good morning …" with kind and clever eyes.
To please other women, he always tries every means to dress himself up and intrigue with other women he knows. Even crying is behind his back, which makes him see the ugly side of crying after makeup. Sometimes it makes him feel so tired to be with them. Only when he is in front of Xiu Xiu does he really feel relaxed. That kind of mental relaxation has never been seen since he was sensible.
Although Xiu Xiu once told him that she had a boyfriend, he never took this sentence seriously, because he had never seen the man appear in secret these days. At first, Xiu Xiu wouldn’t let him drive her back, but he insisted repeatedly that Xiu Xiu agreed to his move, which further convinced him that Xiu Xiu’s words that he had a boyfriend were just her girl’s reserve. He firmly believed that Xiu Xiu would be in his arms within a month, after all, he was really good enough.
He bought a diamond necklace with a value of more than 30,000 pieces today, and he was ready to confess to his goddess. He trembled with excitement when he imagined wearing the necklace in Xiu Xiu with his own hands, which was as slender as a swan and smooth as a jade neck.