"See what see, listen to what listen to? Go back to practice! "Star xuan said angrily, frighten those Linxi disciple quickly retracted his head.

The Yellow Emperor laughed enough, and said to Xing Xuan, "The so-called disaster is that everyone is selfish. Immortals are human beings, and everyone is selfish. Who doesn’t want to be stronger, who doesn’t want to occupy more cultivation resources, and who doesn’t want to have more followers? It’s just that within a period of time, everyone’s strength is balanced and restrained, so everyone has nothing to do with each other. Once one party has a strong force,
Xing Xuan nodded and said, "I know this. This law is more vivid in the human world. The explosion of every war is always caused by the fact that the balance of mutual containment is broken. However, in the process of war explosion, there are many factors that make the power between the parties change. Reversals of advantages and disadvantages often occur, so. It is not the person who started the war first who can win in the end! "
"Well said, in mortal war, for example, a commander in chief. If you are arrogant, extravagant and arrogant, if you are not very lucky, you will inevitably end up defeated and dead. This truth is applied to immortals. It’s time to be robbed. If an immortal is unstable in mind, unstable in mind, unable to be the first in the celestial world in skill, and not so lucky, is the chance of being finally killed and reborn more stable and tenacious than those, although the skill is not so good? However, there are many immortals who know how to use the strength of all sides around them to skillfully establish a balance and protect themselves! " The Yellow Emperor patiently said to Xing Xuan.
Xing Xuan nodded: "What the old emperor said is a wise saying, but it should be robbed. It seems to have come from the deity war 500 thousand years ago. I don’t know if everyone can see the person who should be robbed. Must be reincarnated and reborn? " This is the answer that Xing Xuan wants to ask most. Tathagata, Burning Lamp and others say that most of their Linxi disciples should be robbed, which makes him very angry and feels very powerless. This feeling sometimes makes him crazy. Can’t he survive this disaster and occupy a place in the six celestial realms with painstaking efforts?
"Ha ha, different, different, star xuan don’t try so hard, you have to learn to analyze! During the war of deities, it was Zen Buddhism that fought against the cult. The Buddha of the Yuan Dynasty and the moral Buddha joined hands to deal with Lingbao Buddha, and Zen Buddhism had an absolute advantage. Before this disaster, all the immortals in the world were included in Indigo. Although Lingbao Buddha, that is, the leader of Tongtian, was also the one who agreed on the deities list, it was because his strength was too weak to be better than the other two Buddha. Seeing that his disciples were on the list, he could do it. Close the door, don’t go out, but Zen Buddhism is bent on destroying the Sect, and it can’t come out. There are still ways to make the people on the list be robbed, that is, Shen Gongbao was sent to seduce the Sect’s disciples to play. In the end, of course, Zen Buddhism, which has an absolute advantage, was killed, and all of them were on the list of gods. Finally, Lingbao Tianzun was angry and decided to play in person, but under the joint attack of several hierarch figures, he had to. The Yellow Emperor smiled and looked contemptuous. Obviously, he still had views on the bullying war 500,000 years ago, and he was also very contemptuous of the original Buddha and the moral Buddha.
"Now it’s different. The three venerable persons in the celestial world didn’t come forward, and the time when this disaster occurred was also greatly advanced. Out of everyone’s foresight, no one agreed on the matter of sealing the list of gods. Therefore, there is no saying that anyone must be robbed and who doesn’t have to be robbed. Then the Tathagata is talking nonsense, Xing Xuan, don’t take it seriously!" The Yellow Emperor’s next words were used to comfort Xing Xuan’s heart.
Xing Xuan breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this. The cultivation time of the Yellow Emperor is much longer than that of the Tathagata, and his cultivation knowledge is certainly much higher than that of the Tathagata. So, as long as he works hard, Linxi Sect may not have no chance.
However, the Yellow Emperor seems to be addicted to talking, completely forgetting the original intention of stopping Xing Xuan just now, and then said: "Time practitioners, to say a big classification, are divided into two categories: Taoism and Buddhism. After the flood, the talents of the witch family have been very withered, and they have turned to monasticism and Buddhism. Although the achievement methods left occasionally are still very magical, there are many Taoist and Buddhist methods, but there is no one after all." In particular, the research on the achievement method of foresight has lagged behind. The disaster foreseen by Taoism is called Yuan Hui, and every 129,600 years is a Yuan Hui, and five Yuan Hui is called a catastrophe. The jade emperor once practiced penance, experienced 1,750 Yuan Hui, 350 Yuan Hui, and worked miracles for hundreds of millions of years, which is why he is called the first god of war in heaven. It’s a pity that Hai Mo Ming is trying to compete with the jade emperor now.
After listening to the Yellow Emperor’s remarks, Xing Xuan quickly asked, "What’s so particular about Buddhism?"
"Hey hey!" The Yellow Emperor realized that he had strayed from the topic, smiled, and then said, "The disaster foreseen by Buddhism will take a longer time, which is called one-by-one robbery. It is a reincarnation of the world, and all overhaul workers will experience life and death in this quantitative robbery for 5.6 billion years. Although it is somewhat general, it is also a statistical method of foresight! “
"So long?" Xing Xuan was taken aback and counted his fingers. It is indeed the time for the fifth yuan meeting from the deity war to the present. That is, it is a great disaster, and it is about to reach the time of 5.6 billion years from the time when Nu Wa Niangniang told herself that the universe was beginning to open.
"You mean. The catastrophe of Buddhism and Taoism overlapped, and this catastrophe … "Rao is a star with amazing concentration. At this time, he recognized the voice of the Yellow Emperor and turned pale. This disaster has so many foreseeable coincidences than all previous disasters. It’s really bad luck for me to get home. How can I just practice and lead Linxi Sect to make a little progress, and then I encounter such a terrible disaster? This thief really respects himself.
"Hey hey, probably, that is, ten thousand years or so. However, this is based on the time algorithm of the human world, the celestial world, hey hey. That is, about 30 years, we will see! "Said the Yellow Emperor, twisting his beard.
"See what also. What do you see when everyone is finished? " Xing Xuan couldn’t help shouting.
"Ha ha, life and death are just a form. If Emperor Gou Chen can’t see through it, even if you cultivate chaos, you will really be robbed in this big robbery!" Huangdi couldn’t help shaking his head again and again.
Star Xuan couldn’t help a fiercely in my heart. If the Tathagata and others talk about this, Star Xuan will definitely open his mouth and fight back in the past without hesitation. However, speaking from the mouth of the Yellow Emperor, Star Xuan has to concentrate on thinking. Since seeing the Yellow Emperor, this old emperor has taken good care of himself, certainly not for himself, because of his luck and viciousness, and there is no irony among young people who have cultivated in past lives. There is a profound truth in this.
With a long sigh, Xing Xuan said, "If I were an ordinary person, that is, I would live for a hundred years at most. This is the algorithm of the human world. Now, I am thousands of years old, and I have lived dozens of times longer than ordinary people. I have earned it, and there is really nothing to see!"
When the Yellow Emperor listened to Xing Xuan’s words, he felt very strange. What do you mean, he earned it? This boy has a distinctive speech! However, the Yellow Emperor was very happy to see that Xing Xuan looked down on life and death in such a short time. That is to say, after this epiphany, Long Xingxuan’s chances of surviving greatly increased.
"Grandma, in this way, immortals are no different from mortals, but they all live for turf!" Xing Xuan laughed again.
"Immortals are all made by mortals. What’s the difference? Why bother to distinguish between immortals and mortals?" The Yellow Emperor laughed inscrutable.
Xing Xuan was stunned, and then, with a deep salute to the Yellow Emperor, he said, "Boy has been taught. Hey, hey, why bother to deliberately distinguish between immortals and mortals? That’s right!"! "
After saying this, Xing Xuan suddenly remembered something and asked the Yellow Emperor, "Old Emperor, how many times did Buddhism teach the ancient Buddha to take over the ancient Buddha?"
"I don’t know, I haven’t seen his old man several times. However, the last time I heard from the Buddha at the beginning, it seems that I haven’t experienced excessive robbery!" The yellow emperor said this.
"What?" Xing Xuan suddenly jumped up like a cat stepped on its tail, which attracted a group of Linxi disciples to poke their heads out of the tent again.
"Then how did he calculate the time of 5.6 billion years?" The question mark on Xing Xuan’s face.
"Hey hey, do you think about it?" The Yellow Emperor smiled like an old fox.
"Great foresight!" For a long time, Xing Xuan spit out these words with dignity.
"It is, cherish the great foresight basic achievement method that Xingtian gave you, which even I didn’t realize!" The Yellow Emperor smiled and turned away.
Xing Xuan stayed for a while, and then, suddenly took out the jade pupil Jane, slammed it on the ground, and called out, "Fart, shit, bastard Xingtian, what did you say about practicing great foresight, even the Yellow Emperor could not fool him? This is also called repairing? You are too good at plotting. Your trip to the original world seems to have yielded nothing this time, but you have more scheming than before! "
In the distance, the Yellow Emperor listened to Long Xingxuan’s cry and felt a wry smile.
O soldiers within the camp, the big fiend surrounded Xingtian, very excited, the black wind is like a pug constantly wagging in front of Xingtian, asking this and that.
Xingtian smiled all over his face and answered the questions one by one: "I naturally went to the original world. Now, I have mastered the power of the original world. What Sunday and Zhunti are not my opponents now!"
The big fiend suddenly gave excited cheers!
The black wind blushed and cried, "Big fiend, so we have survived a robbery once, and our future is limitless?"
"Ha, ha, ha, that is, of course, after the sky falls on the ground, heaven and earth will reopen, and everything will start all over again. Think about it, how much pure energy will there be after that day’s reopening, even at that moment, your increased capability will be equivalent to your practice for one hundred million years. At that time, we will recruit and expand our territory. At that time, what Jade Emperor, what Tathagata Buddha, what Sanqing Venerable Master, and so on? Xingtian laughed, and some words that sounded unusually rude made all the big fiends excited, all rubbing their hands, and red tides appeared on their faces.
"However, we still have to abide by the agreement between the demon gods and the nether world, unite the power of our two worlds, and wipe out the heaven and the western paradise. Then, I will turn against the bodhi old zu that Sunday and kill all their overhauls. The world in the future is ours!" Xingtian convergence smile, unusually serious.
"Ha ha, of course, it’s just a stopgap measure to cooperate with the nether world now!" Black wind said humorously.
Next to Mao Xiao-pu, looking at everyone with a warm heart, I couldn’t help worrying. Xingtian’s big fiend said so. That Sunday bodhi old zu didn’t think so. Everyone is just using each other now. However, in Mao Xiao-pu’s heart, I always feel a strange feeling when I feel the return of Xingtian. Regardless of the timing, Xingtian’s big fiend is not very good. Now the five realms are fighting, whether it’s the nether world, heaven or the western Buddhist world. I hope to pull myself out of the magic world, which is a powerful force. Now the best thing for the magic world is to sit tight and sit tight, and then wait for them to get tired and die. Xingtian’s big fiend appears as Indiana Jones again, sweeping the five realms and laying the foundation for the hegemony of heaven and earth to reopen in the future. Now, everything is not bright, so Xingtian’s big fiend jumps out in such a hurry, and it has no effect at all.