Yusui Eucalyptus shook her head after choking for a long time. "I just won’t let her look down at the objects in her hand. Maybe she felt that her rhetoric was not convincing enough and added" I like it ".
I wanted to play with her. Yu Heng didn’t expect her to say such a thing. He smiled stiffly for a moment, and then he leaned close for a moment and stared at her eyes. "Like it?"
He chuckled, a pair of gloomy eyes rolled with strange light, hooked people’s hearts and soul, and looked fascinated and nodded.
The man seemed to be satisfied with the answer of Yu-year-old eucalyptus. He took it from Yu-year-old eucalyptus and shook it in front of her eyes. "Do you like that? Will you pick one? "
His tone is gentle, persuasive and pleasant to listen to, which makes people numb. Eucalyptus can’t refuse to open a page and choose one.
She stared at the person in front of her eyes for a moment and saw that the man’s eyes were thick and black to the extreme after seeing that she had selected that page. His throat inched "good"
Later, he would laugh at himself for doing what he wanted, but I didn’t expect this person to react strangely, which made Yu Sui eucalyptus a little scared. She shrank back and tried to avoid it.
She was dragged back to a reverse direction and pressed to the bed. She was afraid to scream, but she felt that the candle in the dark room was somehow extinguished.
The sight became dim. She was lying beside the bed. The man was so hot that she trembled all over. "Good" The man coaxed her to wake up. "Eucalyptus choose"
At the moment of saying this, the man had an earlobe of eucalyptus globulus.
Hongluan’s bed is covered with rain and sex.
Ambiguous house makes people blush, and the heartbeat splashes and falls in the dark and lonely night, making the sky hang and silver moon ashamed to hide in the dark clouds.
Crazy in love continued until the middle of the night, when the bed was still, and the rest of the bed gradually disappeared. It took a long time to breathe lightly before coming to the sound again.
"How about going to Jingxiang Palace in the northwest with me?"
The male voice didn’t respond long after asking questions. The woman’s opening voice was full of "good" with deep fatigue.
"There is not as good as Yunjing. Are you willing?"
"What?" This time, it took a long time for the man to get an answer. The silent room sounded a little hoarse.
The sound of "nothing" is small and weak, like falling asleep for a moment. "Like … Yu Heng"
The house is calm, and after a long time, it comes in the dark. It’s hard to check. Laughing is to let go, it’s soft, it’s filled, and it’s unstoppable.
This exquisite dice is lovesick to the bone.
You will have a way home for the rest of your life.
You have something to say.
It’s finally over. Haha
It’s a wonderful feeling. I can’t say
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The difficulty in writing is because I am still very unfamiliar with the overall control of the article, but I love my detours.
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Don’t look for reasons
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Demon wars
Uncle zhe zhi
Preface Warcraft forest
"How to do the day will be the assessment …"
Leo Chris lingered anxiously outside the martial arts field. By this time, the sun had risen, and he had already practiced hard in the martial arts field to become a great fighting fighter.
But today, he is reluctant to enter the martial arts field, because this afternoon is the end of the month.
As time went by, when the magic bell in the square rang again, Leo finally made a decision. When he lifted his feet and went out of town to work in a pub, Leo heard the adventurers say that there was a precious magic grass in the forest of Warcraft, which could quickly restore people’s physical strength and heal wounds, and it could also double its potential in a short time.
Because of his weak body, Leo worked harder than his peers, but he still couldn’t become a qualified trainee soldier. Leo decided to take risks to find this magic grass. He was really fed up with everyone calling him a loser and didn’t want to be the last in every examination
Although I have lived in Karla town since I was a child, I have never set foot in this dangerous forest of Warcraft. The rising sun shines through the dense forest and reflects on Leo’s face as beautiful as the picture described by the bard.
Leo has wood blade walking on the edge of the forest, and the chances of finding magic grass in his heart are too low, but he still wants to try. Soon, he will see that the wingspan is higher than that of people, and the magic bird will roar intermittently in the ear of Warcraft, which makes him more and more cautious. Leo is ready to run back if he wants to see a genial smile.
Suddenly there came Sasha Vujacic in the forest ahead. Leo was so frightened that he quickly hid in the bushes next to him. Just after hiding, he listened to a series of broken sounds outside and secretly looked out from the gap in the bushes. Leo was shocked.
The newcomer has a pair of long ears, delicate facial features, fair skin and exquisite green clothes, and he holds a long bow in his hand and works beautifully for about one meter. All this is not to tell Leo that an elf archer actually appeared in the deep forest of Warcraft.
He actually saw the fairies!
"Aglius keeps the seeds of life" came to drink in the depths of the jungle, and the momentum was like a rainbow, and the leaves fell like a rainbow.
"Hey!" Then break up a series of arrows to penetrate and fast to the extreme.
In the field, a green elf turns over and deftly avoids flying arrows. In the process, the big bow in his hand has already set up arrows, and the arrows are flashing. This is a magic bow and arrow.
Whoosh The wizard in green began to fight back. It was a duel between archers and hiding in the bushes. Leo was shocked. He didn’t expect to meet the wizard fighting, but he didn’t know what the wizard was talking about because he didn’t understand the elf language.
"The evil night elf is trying to get the seed of life, damn it." The green elf drew his bow and arrows one after another like fireworks and shot them into the dark place of the jungle. At this time, Leo was also white, where the green elf enemy was.
Finally, Leo saw clearly the enemies of the green elves. He was actually an elf, and more than one of them had dark skin and no natural smell. Instead, it made people feel cold and arrogant. Leo couldn’t help but think of the word "night elf".