"I told Ireland to remember." Ireland grabbed Qiushui’s little hand and kissed it. "Little naughty, I know you will come back. You still have everything in your room."

"Thank you, Sister Dean, for this promise not to cause you any trouble." Colchicine laughed and kissed Ireland’s pretty face frequently.
"Can you behave? Unless it snows heavily, "Ireland giggled and held the platinum loosely." Do the boys want to go in and see them? "
"Forget it today. It’s almost National Day, and then have a good time with them." He kissed his Irish face and turned to the car
"Eldest brother, you really don’t let Xin Jie and them know about this?" Qiu Shui rushed to hold his arm tightly and forbid him to go. "This is a good thing. They will love you more when they know it, and they will help you reduce your pressure. Do you want to bear all this alone?"
"Don’t ask big people and children." He took her by the hand and kissed her on the forehead and told her not to be naughty and do good things. It will give her a surprise when her 16th birthday is over.
"Bye!" Autumn waters waved and chased out the door with tears, watched Platinum go away for a long time, and looked back. Ireland came behind her and held her arm to spy on information. She just sounded as if there were some girls who liked Platinum. Who are they?
Colchicine doesn’t know that Ireland has a crush on platinum and Liu Xinyu’s situation is simple. It is said that she will come back this time to help Liu Xinyu. Ireland’s face has changed several times in a row. She is no stranger to Yang Qinghua, but she never dreamed that Yang Qinghua would like platinum at the same time.
The only consolation is that she didn’t look at the wrong person or love the wrong person this time. It is really worth her life to make Yang Qinghua like men at the same time.
Think about the distance between her and Yang Qinghua’s broken body. As soon as she realized that love doesn’t have to be possessed, it would be best for him to help him manage this convent and take care of these orphans. She took a long breath and turned to go in with colchicine arms.
Orphans in nunnery seldom share a room alone, except in a few special cases, others share a room with others, usually four people share a room. At most, there is a personal platinum that pays special attention to autumn water. In the second year of her arrival at Tianxin convent, she enjoyed a single suite with an independent person, who not only equipped her with all the equipment, but also bought her a high-grade brain.
A year ago, Qiu Shui couldn’t stand talking about life here. She escaped quietly. It took a month to find her, but she didn’t go back to the convent after she was killed. She didn’t know whether she was good or bad for quite a long time. Later, Yang Qinghua woke him up and he was heartbroken.
Qiushui saw that everything in the room was as before, and there was nothing missing. White means platinum. I hope she will return to the convent, think about platinum’s love and care for her, and then think about her sex and stupidity. She turned and threw herself into Ireland’s arms and cried.
"Just don’t cry when you are a child. It will always be your home. No one dares to drive you away." Ireland hugged her and caressed her hair to comfort her.
"Sister Dean, I want to make money from the sky to help my eldest brother reduce the burden." Qiu Shui stopped crying and wiped her eyes with perseverance and stubbornness. She asked to give up living in a big room with other children, so it was convenient for workers to prepare an office for her. From the day, she would become a manager here to take care of those children with them.
Ireland never imagined that colchicine had changed so much, but she couldn’t decide whether colchicine was clear until she asked Platinum. Ireland didn’t insist on it or let it go, saying that she would call Platinum herself and escape.
Chapter 5 Ice Beauty Attack
Heaven’s seemingly affectionate but affectionate people like Liu Da are qualified to kill the list of urban death. If Liu Xinyu hadn’t intervened, he would have done it to help her avenge Liu’s wealth and platinum.
However, the "Operation Stunning" plan and the "Assassination and Bodyguard" plan package are enough for Liu Da. Is it true that tonight is the first night of the "Assassination and Bodyguard" operation? It seems not.
Tonight, the night is deep and dark, which is the most suitable for killing and setting fire to the ice beauty. No matter how dark the night is, it will not affect her eyesight. She has been active in Liu Da Villa since 11 o’clock in the middle of the night.
The situation is similar to platinum’s, but life is about you, especially those who fuck them. People can’t trust others easily to ensure their own safety. She has carefully checked every corner and spent three hours searching, and found no danger. That is to say, Liu Da Villa has no strong self-defense ability, which is more convenient for her to carry out.
After three o’clock in the morning, the ice beauty made sure that everyone had a rest, withdrew from the villa and looked around the villa again to make sure that there was no ambush. From four o’clock in the morning, she swaggered in from the main entrance and called when she saw anyone.
When the fifth bodyguard was defeated, the whole villa was boiling, including everyone in Liu Da. The peripheral bodyguards flooded out and fought back through the camp. Although there were street lamps to illuminate the villa, their level was too different from that of the ice beauty. They were so busy that they lost their legs and didn’t see the enemy’s shadow. Instead, they broke three people.
None of the bodyguards who were knocked down by the enemy were in good condition, either with a broken arm or a missing leg. After being cured, being disabled will also affect the normal life. Ice Beauty took five big circles inside and played hide-and-seek with the group of bodyguards until she was happy. She injured a bodyguard when she left.
In other words, Liu Da has lost a running dog, and since then he has lost a disability. Liu Da’s cheeks are livid, and the blue veins on his neck are twisted. All bodyguards scold a dog with red eyes and swear to catch the murderer and bury him alive.
Anger belongs to anger, life needs to get rid of all bodyguards. Liu Da tried to ask his friends to raise high prices and ask the experts to help him until dawn. Liu Da spent 50 thousand and invited five experts to arrive before noon
He’s all right, but he never dreamed that this happened to be a trap of platinum and he was going to die step by step. The more he spends now, the more experts he invites, the more he can show the beauty of ice. Then it’s his turn to bargain with Liu Da and knock him hard.
In fact, Platinum also took part in last night’s action. He didn’t show up. He has been secretly hiding a fear that the ice beauty will be countered. Second, he wants to take the opportunity to test Liu Da to see if he has any secrets. The ice beauty finished successfully, but he didn’t discover Liu Da’s secret.
He didn’t leave the villa until he finished speaking in Liu Da. He texted the ice beauty Liu Da to invite five second-rate experts to tamper with her before the other party arrived, so that the five people would become soft eggs, and then they would be beaten with one hand and one hand, which threatened Liu Da. The more disabled people Liu Da was afraid, the more wonderful the play would be, and of course the more money they would make.
Ice beauty didn’t expect him to be so cunning as to send a text message asking him if he would deal with her by similar means if there was a conflict of interest one day in the future. Platinum smiled in the same tone and told her that he would never deal with her, let alone hurt her. She didn’t have to worry or be afraid to rest assured and go ahead boldly as planned.
After nearly three seconds, it was too short for the ice beauty to ask him for some information. From the analysis of the current situation, Liu Da will definitely arrive before dark, and she will find out the details of the five people one by one.
Platinum taught her a stupid way to sneak outside the villa and wait for her to fight one by one, two by one, and repair them first. Even if they besiege, there is no danger.
The ice beauty made a burning expression. What kind of point is this? Doesn’t she do something else and stay outside the villa? Besides, it’s suspicious to be stupid outside someone else’s villa in broad daylight
Platinum thinks her words make sense, and promises to give her information before noon. If anyone goes there at noon, it will be handled by herself. Platinum calls Qiushui, who is very happy to say that she just has something to find him.
Platinum zheng asked her what’s up? Qiushui told her thoughts again, platinum was silent for 15 seconds, and agreed that she would move out and live with others, and also agreed to take care of those children with Ireland to make money.
Qiushui insists on platinum concession, but not now. Wait until her 16th birthday. Keep an eye on the stock market recently. He still has extra diplomacy to give her Qiushui compromise. What does he have?
He didn’t hide that this was an extension of the "assassination and bodyguard" plan. Before the end of the plan, Liu Da would keep asking people to protect him. Before the action, he needed information about those people to reduce the risk and ensure the smooth completion of the plan.
Qiushui is joking with his cheeks. Do you want to check the details of those ancestors for ten generations? Platinum told him that he knew the situation and asked her to give him an answer immediately before 1 o’clock. Platinum went back to her residence to see Liu Xinyu. Four people got up and practiced in the courtyard.
Ye Yuhan’s physical fitness is the worst among the four people. Liu Xinyu’s physical fitness has dropped significantly due to two consecutive injuries. Yang Qinghua often insists on keeping a good physical fitness for long-distance running. Aiweier’s western fighting and kendo are tangible without god, but lack of strength and strong foundation. No matter how subtle the movement is, the shell is broken by the opponent.
It’s too unsightly to ask them to do pull-ups or push-ups like men to exercise their physical fitness. The best way is to go out and ask them to run in place when the long-distance running crisis is still worrying Liu Xinyu.
He dragged Yang Qinghua into the living room and asked her to send several people to protect Liu Da. Yang Qinghua almost jumped up and refused his request, saying that Liu Da would have died long ago. If she hadn’t been a policeman, she would have broken in and killed Liu Da, a scum like that, which would be beneficial to society and harmful to society.
Platinum grabbed her little hand and advised her not to get so excited. His move had another meaning. One was to do what their public servants were responsible for. The other was to test Liu Da’s reaction. If he refused police protection, he said that there was something wrong with the villa. On the contrary, if he accepted police protection, she should make more efforts to communicate with her colleagues and ask them to open their eyes and close their eyes.
Yang Qinghua’s eyes floated a little scared and swallowed and squeezed into his arms. "Fortunately, you are not a bad person. You are wise and evil. I believe that few people can catch you."